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PROS & BOWLS provides a front-row seat for both foodies and sport fanatics into the lives and appetites of your favorite professional athletes. Viewers have the opportunity to meet the athletes’ families, learn about their careers, and follow-along with their favorite recipes. Join us as we take a seat at the table of today’s most well-known athletes.



The Juice follows Juicy Larry in 80’s Los Angeles, where hair is king, and where the streets and the hairstyles are run by the powerful Fro Gang, led by their larger than life leader, Afro Malone.

Beyond the Woods

Hell is waiting for you. Seven friends go to a holiday home in a forest in Ireland. A sinkhole has opened nearby and is spewing hot sulphur. The friends start acting out of character and soon come to realize that something evil is also crossing through from another dimension.  

Sold Out

A music-based drama about a female talent scout who takes a down-on-his-luck construction worker under her wing and helps him rise to his potential as a singer/songwriter.

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4.2 (lmdb)
2hr : 30mins

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Baileys Irish Cream is an Irish cream liqueur an alcoholic beverage flavoured with cream, cocoa, and Irish whiskey made by Diageo at Republic of Ireland and in Mallusk, Northern Ireland.


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